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Recorded summer '09. First release as a 3 piece. Meant to be listened to straight through (preferably with head phones). Comes with a bonus track, a previously unreleased acoustic version of Banja/Post-Traumatic Stress.


released December 18, 2009

Colin Cleary - Guitars/Vocals
Jeremy Dye - Bass
Sam Padalino - Drums

Matthew Finch - Bass
Steven Finn - Short Wave Radio

Produced by Ivan Fargo



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Drawing Mountains Sterling Heights

RIP 2007-2012

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Track Name: War Paint
oh you put your life on the line, every time you cry your war paint drips from your eyes

when I die I hope you know when that time comes it'll all be much clearer, who was right when they said what's to hide
when it's all said and done stained faces will scream for what's beneath like painted face monsters with broken egos marching towards war everyday

with a scar on their hearts, with words of hatred burn holes in the sky


bloody holes in the sky
Track Name: A Panoramic Dream
waiting for something to change, we close our eyes and try to lay the blame on a gold plated locket with a rusty key on the neck of every man who's ghost we've seen

wandering, searching for more but not stopping to think for themselves and they leave hole, a dragon fly's nest of flaws and imperfections staring as the shroud hit their eyes

the beautiful gold tinted cloud

we watched the moths worshiping the light but only getting burnt
Track Name: Untitled
all I want is to be free

all you need is all gone

like ice, melted by the fire of my eyes

oh, burn burn burn
burn on me

but like a petal I wilt and die, like the rest of this life
it's a sad story, I tried
but I am I only I
Track Name: Banja/Post-Traumatic Stress
I set my course for anywhere but here, I'll sail north through arctic seas of ice and sleet

the ship won't sink, if it's strong enough for me

my mind will dance the sailor's swing

break my back, in half
i'm left, out in the cold

all you could do is laugh, well doesn't it feel good

and the fresh air outside leaves me feeling high

now I have a chance, to breath
Track Name: Daedalus
life is getting a little dull
and all my thoughts
are in the ground and I can't wait
to see the day
the day when something's actually warm
the sun will shine
in the corner of my eye
and we'll embrace the cold

life's getting a little dull
excuse me, while I express myself

let's slow it down a bit

Daedalus my father let me fly into sun
Daedalus my father let me fly into sun, sun, sun
Daedalus my father let me fly into sun
Track Name: Um
you can walk with me, but watch your step cause the ice is getting thinner
Track Name: In The Dark
I know what it's like to die with the weight of the world on my back, it never travels alone

in the dark